HERMÈS Farandole Long Necklace

HERMÈS Farandole Long Necklace

HERMÈS Farandole Long Necklace. Original Quality Necklace including gift box, care book, dust bag, authenticity card.

This stunning necklace features Chaîne d’ancre links. This necklace can be worn full length or can be doubled for a collar length for a one of a kind necklace from HERMÈS! This story began in 1938, when Robert Dumas, a member of the Hermès family, decided to take inspiration from a ship anchor chain to design a bracelet. Thus the Chaîne d’ancre was born: a naturally balanced jewel with a sporty yet chic allure. The links of the chain – polished, circular-grained or twisted – play on shapes and volumes to bring forth a multitude of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.


Features of HERMÈS Farandole Long Necklace:

  • Long necklace in silver tone
  • Chaîne d’ancre links
  • Chain length: 120 cm