Nothing is forever when it comes to an ever lasting It Bag, but there are rules to lead you to the right It Bag that stays forever in style.

First, the shape. You should look for a classic-looking silhouette that can take you effortlessly from one day to the next. Then there are the signature elements: the timeless logo or famous weave that’s instantly recognizable. The third point? The size. You’ll want something sizeable enough for a quick day out, but not too big or too small since those sizes are almost always trend-driven.

Lastly, the color. While most colors come and go (some quicker than others), you can never go wrong with a classic black bag. You can match it to almost any outfit you have in mind, and the color is also known to show less wear and tear over time. In other words, a wardrobe staple that’s as forever as it gets.

And to get you started, here’s a handsome quartet—all classic, all functional, and all black.

Leonie Hanne wears a Bottega Veneta.

There’s the Cassette Chain Shoulder Bag from BOTTEGA VENETA, a new offering from wunderkind Daniel Lee that’s equal parts sexy and sophisticated.

LOEWE’s Flamenco Leather Clutch might not be new, but it has earned its stripes as one of the go-to icons of the Spanish luxury house.

Then there’s the Kaia Shoulder Bag from SAINT LAURENT, a classic shape with an oversized YSL logo that exudes luxury.

SAINT LAURENT Kaia Crossbody Bag
GUCCI’s 1955 Horsebit Shoulder Bag

Last but not least, meet GUCCI’s 1955 Horsebit Shoulder Bag that, while isn’t as wild as the Italian luxury house’s runway offerings, is a bag that’s built (and designed) to last beyond seasons.