FENDI’s Exquisite Peekaboo Cut Captivates Spring 2023 Fashion Scene.Embrace the quintessential ’90s essence with the re-envisioned Peekaboo Cut.

The FENDI Peekaboo has solidified its position as an iconic symbol within both the revered House of FENDI and the entire handbag universe. Its rapid ascension to It-bag status commenced upon its dazzling debut on the runway in September 2008, and it has never looked back.

FENDI Peekaboo Cut

The Peekaboo quickly gained a reputation for its sophisticated shape, elegant lines, and everlasting silhouette. This design offered the ideal foundation for constant reinvention, allowing FENDI to consistently breathe new life into the legendary Peekaboo.

For Spring/Summer 2023, FENDI masterfully revitalizes one of its most cherished House classics. Unveiling the Glamorous Peekaboo Cut. The freshly-minted Peekaboo Cut fuses the signature form and composition of the Peekaboo ISeeU with a striking ’90s flair, a predominant motif throughout the entire new collection. Amplifying the FENDI Peekaboo’s most esteemed elements, the Peekaboo Cut is characterized by a sleek metal bar and a twist lock traversing its horizontal axis. The bag’s distinctive trapezoidal shape further accentuates its sharp contours.

A chic O’Lock chain emerges, bestowing a feminine grace upon the architectural marvel.

For the first time in Peekaboo chronicles, a chic O’Lock chain emerges, bestowing a feminine grace upon the architectural marvel. The Peekaboo Cut arrives in a mesmerizing array of hues, for which the FENDI Peekaboo is renowned, effortlessly satisfying those who adore the Peekaboo’s form but yearn for a more contemporary appeal. The Peekaboo Cut epitomizes the seamless fusion of FENDI’s time-honored House codes with avant-garde sophistication.

FENDI Fall/Winter 2023