r/Repladies come across as arrogant patronizing moderators with a ton of unreasonable rules and a shroud of secrecy.

If you were looking for a luxury bag but ran out of credit options, this was the only way to obtain your coveted bag.

Now you find your bag at CRIS&COCO, which makes the Repladies obsolete.

Before subreddit r/Repladies established a connection from Western fashion devotees to the Eastern Replica factories offering affordable luxury goods.

It evolved into a Reddit hegemon. Arrogant patronizing moderators with unreasonable rules and a shroud of secrecy and bullying obnoxious sellers in China. The subreddit r/Repladies helps you find a seller, mostly through Taobao, an infamous Chinese shopping platform.

The Repladies community does not even guarantee high-end quality instead makes excuses for

The r/Repladies manifest reads like this, customer service like in communist China and quality from the last century:

“There are hundreds of Rep factories in China. Learning to identify them takes time, patience, and attention to detail. Figuring out to make the best products is like lighting your money on fire. Many suppliers don’t have an operating business nameduet to security concerns.”

“These fakes are made in the middle-of-nowhere in China. These factories that produce the Reps do not have the same quality control, protocol, and standards as factories commissioned by GUCCI. You have the right to be entitled but only to a certain extent. You know damn well that you’re buying replicas, don’t act like you deserve the same treatment as if you were buying legits.

These Reps are being hand-assembled by factory workers who probably get paid jackshit, so they’re bound to make mistakes like having the stitching ever so slightly off, which causes the stripe placement to be 2 mm off. The machinery is probably not the same as in factories that are commissioned by GUCCI. So it is bound to get some things ever so slightly off. Don’t forget that the materials are not the same as well, for the most part.

We’ll be honest, our factories can never make it 1:1. If our factory can make 1:1 we should produce for GUCCI instead.”

The Repladies model is outdated and the service last century. Nowadays, replicas are indistinguishable to the customer’s eye from an authentic bag. Services like CRIS&COCO guarantee the original quality, and their factories pride themselves to deliver better quality than the original.

Repladies send you on a runaround, you need to contact one of their “trusted sellers” and pick up a few Chinese expressions on the way. This is their tedious game plan to acquire a replica bag or accessory:

First you need to contact the seller and send a photo or description of the item you want.

Then they send you the example photos they have.

If you decide to purchase, yous send them money through Western Union use another payment method.

After they receive the money, they order the items from the factory. It usually takes a few days to get it, be very patient.

They send you “QC” (quality check)or “PSP” (pre-shipment photos). Some sellers just drop ship (send directly from the factory), so you may need to insist that you want QC photos before the goods are sent to you. You can then post these photos to this sub to give you our opinion.

Once you tell the seller that you are happy with the item (green lighting the article), they will ship it to you, usually via DHL or EMS.

Once you get the item, you can post are view on Repladies! Yay!

Sometimes this doesn’t end well (like my failed LV purchase with QA), but that’s not to say she’s a wrong seller. These people are like you and me. They want to make money, they generally don’t want to fuck people over.

My advice when dealing with all sellers is to be kind and be understanding. These are sometimes second jobs for these sellers. They support families and sometimes have health problems or family problems that cause them to cut back on work. Be patient. Especially with the sellers that have been reviewed a million times on this sub – they are not trying to screw you. Sometimes they take a while to respond. Many days even. Sometimes the factory fucks up and sends them something faulty. Just tell them to return it.

Also, people remember – its only money. Yes, it’s hard-earned money, but this process shouldn’t be scary. Sometimes things are going to go wrong (customs takes your shit, etc.), but that is rare in the grand scheme of Rep buying. Talk to your seller. Ask them how they are doing. Be understanding. Just don’t be a dick.

I had a revelation when having a problem with QA, first, tell her (in Chinese via Google) that I know she’s a good seller, and I just want to fix the problem so I can be happy with my purchase. She went from being not responsive to apologizing if the bag she sent made me Being demanding and accusatory if you have a problem is only going to make things worse. Show them that you give them the benefit of the doubt, and frame it so that the two of you can solve this problem together.

You’re going to need to try to talk to them in their language. This may sound obvious, but you have to use VERY SIMPLE sentences in Google translate to get a somewhat accurate translation. For example:
If you want to say something kind of complicated like: “I like the bag you sent, but the color isn’t accurate, can you get another bag?” Don’t just put that whole sentence in Google translate. You might end up being confusing for the seller.

Run the Chinese words back through the translator. If it comes out in English correctly, you’ll most likely be ok and understand the idea
you’re trying to communicate. I include both the English and Chinese, and I speak in short, simple sentences.

If you like a Communist China runaround of the ages, go ahead and look for your Designer Replicas on r/Repladies.

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