Discovering the Ultimate Affordable Luxury Bags and Accessories: The Story of CRIS&COCO.

Made in NY

Cris, an internationally renowned photographer with numerous accomplishments in Europe’s fashion capitals, and Coco, a seasoned stylist with years of experience working with top photographers and models, embarked on a journey to create the finest affordable luxury bags and accessories. In June 2018, they established CRIS&COCO, an online store dedicated to offering exceptional quality, outstanding customer service, and unbeatable value.

The idea was born in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in New York City. As their photography business came to a standstill, Coco began sewing handbags in their Lower East Side apartment. Cris, inspired by her creations, suggested they start a business together.

The duo’s foray into the world of fashion began with obtaining a license to sell their first bags at a street market on West Broadway. Despite the challenging times, their brand was born, and their journey into the global fashion trade commenced.

During a photo shoot for a fashion magazine, Cris noticed a handbag that closely resembled one of their original designs. They realized that they had encountered the global knock-off trade but took it as a compliment.

CRIS&COCO soon moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where they opened a workshop and employed artisans to create “Made in NY” designs. However, they grew increasingly dissatisfied with the quality, pricing, and limited sourcing options in Manhattan’s Fashion District. An American corporation they collaborated with recommended exploring China, which led them to Guangzhou in 2007.

7 train Long Island City New York. One stop Fashion District.

In Guangzhou, they discovered a designer’s paradise, with countless factories, markets, and materials at their disposal. Though counterfeit products were prevalent, they also found high-quality luxury dupes hidden away from the police.

Eventually, Cris stumbled upon an accessories store in Shenzhen, where he met Kiko, his future trading partner. Kiko introduced him to an extensive range of luxury handbags with varying quality levels. Impressed by the exceptional quality, Cris purchased a LOUIS VUITTON x Fragment bag for himself and a SAINT LAURENT shoulder bag for his sister. This experience marked the beginning of CRIS&COCO luxury bags online.

Today, CRIS&COCO continues to deliver affordable luxury bags and accessories, with a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and value. Their incredible journey showcases the dedication and passion behind their successful brand.

Luohu Commercial City Shenzhen – Hongkong border. Where the magic happens.